Pressure Test Ltd

UK Supplier of Room Integrity Testing

– What We Do –

Pressure Test is a specialist UK supplier of room integrity testing for organisations with gaseous fire suppression systems. Our skilled and experienced engineers use leading-edge technology to generate reliable, high quality results.

Pressure Test tests your enclosure to ensure NFPA and/or BSI compliance. If the enclosure passes the integrity test we issue a certificate that validates your insurance. Some enclosures may also require pressure relief to prevent the possibility of structural damage. If your enclosure fails the integrity test your insurance position may be compromised. If practically possible, Pressure Test can undertake remedial work to rectify faults and ensure the enclosure passes when re-tested.

If you are an IT Manager or Facilities Manager responsible for operations or control rooms housing electrical equipment – such as networks and computers, PABX and telephony systems, data storage devices and generators – and those enclosures are protected by a gaseous fire suppression system, you should hold a valid integrity test certificate. Tests should be repeated once a year, or every time the enclosure changes.

– Who We Do It For –

Business premises, utility plants, council offices; in fact every public or commercial building with electrical facilities that are protected by a gaseous fire suppression system. We are also experienced in handling specialist environments such as power stations and stadiums.