Remedial Work

What is Remedial Work?

When an enclosure protected by gaseous fire suppression fails the integrity test, remedial work is required to improve the seal around its boundaries. Without remedial work your enclosure is at risk of allowing gaseous extinguishing agent to escape, will fail to meet minimum requirements and your insurance may be invalidated.

When an enclosure fails an integrity test, the most cost-efficient option is for Pressure Test’s engineer to conduct remedial work, and then re-test the enclosure, to ensure it falls within required fire suppression parameters.

What’s Involved? Remedial Work Can Include:

• Sealing holes, cracks or penetrations around the boundary of the protected area
• Sealing pipe chases and cable trays wherever they penetrate the boundary
• Caulking walls around the inside parameter, at high and low level
• Sealing porous block walls
• Adding door sweeps, drop seals and weather stripping around door surrounds
• Sealing windows or other glazed areas

Before and After Work

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